George Carter-Owen

IMG 5498 George   

Just to let you know that George has arrived home safely from Japan. He has had the most amazing time and made lots of international new friends ( he was on a group chat this morning with new friends from Taiwan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and Turkey! He is already planning how he can manage to get back to Japan to see his host families again in the future. I am sure that George will puts lots of the info on his webpage over the holidays (does he know how to do this? He has some fantastic photos and video courtesy of the camp and Mr Komori) but as a brief synopsis as well as all the fantastic camp activities we had on the info before he went, George visited the police station in Kushimoto and took part in various martial arts demos, the airforce base, local fisheries industry, various local Lions events including the blood drive, a Japan-Turkey international event, as well as going into the local Junior High and High School, attending the fire festival, playing with Japanese musicians,going fishing and MANY more interesting things. He was interviewed for the local newspaper and TV and I hope was a good ambassador for the Lions and the UK. His two host families the Komori's and Okaji's were incredibly welcoming and generous with him and he is finding Fordingbridge a bit flat in comparison! Thank you once again for enabling such a positive, life-shaping experience,