Peace Poster Competition 2020 / 2021

Lions Clubs International Peace Poster

The theme for this year is"Peace Through Service"

Burgate School's top ten entries are shown below.

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Peace Poster Powerpoint Presentation

Oli Pistell WINNER Peace Poster-1

Well done to Oli for winning the school competition!

We thought his poster had perfect composition, simple and effective, showing the dove of peace swooping over all of the planet, uniting us, making us value our beautiful world and each other. We consider that the dove works for us, never against us, to create the hope that we can all be safe, loved and live in harmony.

Oli Pistell

Oli's poster was placed 1st at Burgate School

My poster represents all nations coming together, to bring our world the peace and harmony that we and it needs to keep us all safe from harm. 

Second place goes to Florence Watling.

Well done Florence!
We were impressed by the ribbon-like rainbow which wove its way around the whole design, with the peace doves flying towards the bench to show the ordinary yet extraordinary nature of peace in everyday life.

Florence Watling

Florences poster was placed 2nd at Burgate School

To me, peace means expressing yourself confidently and calmly listening to others' thoughts and opinions. Listening to and appreciating other people's views is the most important thing.  My poster represents that children are the future and that it's not just adults who can make a change, but children can too. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and peace and this links to the bench which is a place to come together and talk. White doves represent new beginnings, peace, hope and love. I have drawn the five additional doves - one for each of the continents of the world.

Florence Watling 2nd Place Peace Poster
Fletcher Yeates 3rd Place Peace Poster

Third place goes to Fletcher Yeates!

Well done Fletcher.
We love how the rays of warm colour shone out from behind beautiful planet Earth, with many hands working together to support the peace of our planet.

Fletcher Yeates

Fletcher's poster was placed 3rd at Burgate School

My peace poster depicts all the nations supporting the world, united in their quest for peace.  Everyone working together for a brighter future.  I wish that this could be a reality for today and forever. 

We loved the people that populated some of the posters and thought the wide range of services and jobs showed how proud we should be for our key-workers and anyone working for a greater good in times of crisis.

Poppy Sallows

In my peace poster, I drew a world because not only one person needs peace, we all need peace through the world. We need to treasure people for who they are and what they want to be. I drew people that have different skin colours and genders in service uniforms. I did this because everyone needs to work together and not fight to create peace in our lives. The v sign on my poster represents peace because in WW2 Churchill made it a symbol for victory. This led to peace across Europe. 

Poppy Sallows Peace Poster-1
Niamh Bowers Peace Poster
There were posters of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. We were pleased to see that our students make a connection between the efforts of, for example, the NHS, and the theme, "Peace in Service"

Niamh Bowers

My peace poster shows the world as one human race on the same journey for kindness, fairness, equality and tranquillity.  My seven rainbow people signify the 7 continents of the world coming together. The post tumbling down on the right signifies the world communicating in a time where face to face isn't possible. The nurse and her rainbow represent the human heroes of our time.

The whole world is under a magnifying glass to show our current worry, loss and strain of the coronavirus.  Peace is important for our healthy bodies, minds and hearts. 

To survive the world needs peace

The use of colour has been brilliant, with really vibrant and bold hues across all the short-listed entries.

Florence Smith

Peace means to me knowing that you are safe loved and valued for who you are. I believe my poster represents this strongly with symbols and drawings. My favourite feature of my poster and the one I made the centre of attention would be my lotus flower. I find it fascinating how lotus flowers emerge from mud and how I thought this would be a perfect metaphor for how I believe we as a unified world should rise above and out of conflict. 

Florence Smith Peace Poster
Elsa Painter Peace Poster
Many of you chose to represent the diverse cultures of our community. We found these images really inspiring for a united and peaceful world.

Elsa Painter

I wanted my poster to reflect peace across the whole world and I wanted to include certain people who I think made a big difference to the cause of peace in areas such as slave liberation, the right of girls to receive education and the fight against discrimination, injustice and inequality in South-Africa. I also chose symbols of peace and love like the dove, the heart, the olive branch and the CND sign. I also wanted to have hands holding the planet to symbolize the fact that it is up to all of us to create world peace.

We really loved how many of you used the symbols and motifs from our lessons, such as hand, doves, flags and planet Earth to create your design.

Cody Lee

I think peace is very important because we all have to live together on this planet and peace keeps us all safe and makes the world a better place. My peace poster represents all the different countries and races and the rainbows represent colour and the doves represent all the people that fought in wars to save our country

Cody Lee Peace Poster
Arthur Bonczoszek Peace Poster
Mrs Firino, Mr Munford, Mrs Perry and Miss Robertson were impressed by the way the artists filled the space of the image. Clever use of composition made the posters very interesting to study!

Arthur Bonczoszek

Peace is something that is for everyone, everywhere. No matter what country to come from or live in, we all live better in peace. My dove wraps its arms around Planet Earth, keeping it safe.

The Art Teachers were also real astounded by how beautifully some of you showed the contrast between war and peace, creating exciting juxtapositions for us to think about.

Alice Shearer

Peace to me means love and unity. It means overcoming war and becoming one. Peace means togetherness, love and most of all no war. My poster represents peace always overcoming war, that is important to me because war is pointless and doesn’t make us any better as humans or as a whole species. Peace is a way of bringing people together not pulling them apart.

Alice Shearer Peace Poster

Ringwood School's top ten entries are shown below.

Eylul Bulbul 1st Place

Eylul Bulbul

Eylul's poster was placed 1st at Ringwood School.

Maria Ivan

Maria's poster was placed 2nd at Ringwood School.
Maria Ivan 2nd Place
Amelie Roe 3rd Place

Amelie Roe

Amelie's poster was placed 3rd at Ringwood School.

Chloe Bleakley

Chloe Bleakley
Emily Alderton

Emily Alderton

 Fleur Hoole

Fleur Hoole
Isobel Bartlett

Isobel Bartlett

Joe Short

joe short
Lily Bradshaw

Lily Bradshaw