Peace Poster Competition 2022 / 2023

Lions Clubs International Peace Poster

The theme for this year is"Lead with Compassion"

Burgate School's top ten entries are shown below.

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First Place was awarded to Holly G

I think that peace means forgetting differences and focusing on yourself not what other people are doing. If we all just got on and focussed on what is best then the world would be so much better. Although this may seem impossible it is not impossible, if we do not start now, when will we? If we do not take action, when will we? The answer is now. It takes 1 to lead 1,000 and 1,000 can lead 1,000,000. That is why I added an olive vine going around the world - it is up to us!

Leading with compassion is important because if you do something and expect something from that person that is not how it works. You do it out of your heart not out of favour. 

My peace poster reflects peace because I have a heart-shaped world and doves holding the olive leaf.

Second Place was awarded to Grace G

Peace means to me a world where there is no fighting, no wars, no racism, and no bullying, where people love and unite with each other. They respect each other for who they are and are kind to one another. Leading with compassion is important because once you start taking action, others will see you being kind and will want to begin to be like that. Compassion is sharing and being kind without expecting anything back, In my peace poster, I have used a rainbow that will represent diversity and inclusivity in the world. I have used doves, hands and hearts, and lots of other symbols that make peace.

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Third Place was awarded to Buddy C

To me, peace means love and happiness and we should be grateful for what we have because people have fought for our country we should appreciate it cause millions of people died for us and it's important because without peace our earth would die. And we should start helping people and not expect everything in return. I made my poster with peace and I used rainbows, earth symbols, and doves and love hearts countries.

Runner-up Matilda C

For me peace means respecting one another and fighting against differences no matter who you are or where you're from. Leading with compassion is important because ruling with kindness and loyalty is more important than others who are doing it for fun and games. My peace poster reflects peace by using a dove, hope flags, everyone together rainbow, hope hands and nationality stars.

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Runner-up George S

I think that peace shows people working together to fight off things that make the world a bad place. Leading with compassion is important because when you are nice to people it makes them happy and they carry on doing it to others. My peace poster reflects peace because all the flags show that everyone is welcome and the doves show hope.

Runner-up Verity R

My peace poster represents peace to all, including animals. Animals shouldn't be forced into extinction because of human behaviour, and we need to lead with compassion to support planet earth and nature all around us.

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Runner-up Alaa Al R

In my poster, I wanted to use people to help me show life and happiness. There are lots of details to show how life can be complicated, but we are happy when we can understand each other. In the poster, the good people of the world lead by example, often with compassion, and also with being talented, peaceful, and good role models.

Runner-up Sienna G

Peace to me is a way of life. Nobody can feel happy if there is no peace, it is a way to bring joy to the world even if there is no money or no food. Leading with compassion is important because it's being kind and caring about other people. And it's taking action, you don't need to expect anything back, you just need to try to be compassionate to them. In my peace poster, I did a rainbow background for LGBTQ+ people to show all of the different colours. I also used two hands to hold the earth up

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Runner-up Anna M-T

My peace poster is simple to show that humans don't need much to be peaceful. The background is meant to look like a sky because when I look at the sky it's very calming and I feel like it is for other people, too. The flags show that every country should be treated equally and with respect.

Runner-up Amelia C

I believe peace means no war and becoming united. It may have arguments and disagreements but we work together to sort things out. No one should be left out just because of their race or looks. Leading with compassion is important because it might just start with one person acting in a certain way that is kind to others but slowly more people with join in until the world is unified once more. In my peace poster, I have included a variety of symbols for example an elephant because they symbolise luck and hope and a sunflower which symbolises love and affection.

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Entry from The Secret Art School

Sarah Jane Kemish

Sarah Jane Kemish

Everyone has a personal responsibility to protect peace.