Adam Aldridge

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Nothing could have prepared me for my youth exchange trip to Australia in July 2017. It exceeded all of my expectations ten fold. First of all, I stayed with my host family, Lois, who was most hospitable and went to great lengths to ensure I had the best possible time when I was staying with her. She arranged lots of activities for me to be getting on with, making my 3 weeks stay with her fly by (whale watching, helicopter ride, ski lessons, taking me to see wild kangaroos, look around Canberra, stayed overnight at Canberra zoo, etc.).

I am actually still in touch with Lois and have arranged for her to visit me for my university graduation in October! And I will be visiting her again in January where she lives.


When it came to my week long international camp at Queenscliff, Victoria, where there were 41 people taking part in the youth exchange, from 16 different countries. The week I spent at Camp Koala was filled with unforgettable experiences and amazing people from all around the world. I had so much fun all week and it's certainly something I will never forget. Thanks to my confidence-boosting experiences at Camp Koala, I now have close friends all over the world; something that not many people are able to say! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers for making this unique experience purely spectacular.

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