Charlotte Nunn

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This was my first time doing a Lions Youth Exchange camp and I had an incredible time. I stayed with a really nice couple called Mary and Victor in Grand Bend, which is a tourist resort by Lake Huron. We visited the beach many times and I even got try Parasailing- which was awesome! We also did loads of other activities; we watched The Lion King in a drive-in theatre, we saw the Canada Day fireworks, the Canadian Mounted Police, went to a lionís concert at the beach and had many trips to Tim Hortonsí (a very popular doughnut/coffee shop).  We ate Poutine (a Canadian dish that includes French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy) so many times- it was great! I went on loads of day trips out with other Lions club members who were really nice and welcoming.

 The camp was an old scout camp in a rural area and right next to a lake that we often visited. It was around a 2-hour drive away from where my host family lived. During the camp we had days out to Niagara Falls, Canadaís wonderland (a massive theme park), the CN tower and we watched a blue jays baseball game.  We also did loads of activities; we played glow in the dark golf, had a tour of a Lions Club Guide Dog centre and went canoeing and much more. Although I loved the activities, what really made the trip so special were the friends I have made from all around the world. I didnít think that saying goodbye was going to be as difficult as it was but Iím looking forward to visiting them one day. Iím still in touch with many of the people from the camp and we talk on a daily basis.

I cannot recommend this trip enough as I had such an amazing time. I would like to thank the Lions Club for this amazing opportunity and Iím so happy that I went to Canada!

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