Sammy Gleed


I just want to start by thanking the Ringwood and Fordingbridge Lions club and those in Madison Wisconsin for this amazing opportunity. Not only did I gain valuable life experiences but I made friends for life. If it hadnít have been for the Lions club I would never have had this opportunity.

My host family, Mindy, Mark and Molly couldnít have been any better. As soon as I arrived I was treated like family. Molly my host sister was brilliant, we shared so many common interests, which made us a perfect match. We are planning to meet again next year after our exams. Molly is a true friend I will never forget.

Mindy and Mark, my host parents were extraordinary, if ever I needed anything they were there, nothing was too much trouble. I feel so fortunate to have experienced my month away in Wisconsin with such a brilliant family.

My week at camp was even more amazing than I anticipated it to be. Everyone was so welcoming, especially our camp director and my district leader Ben August. I couldnít have asked for anyone better to be leading camp and leading my district. Not only did he make an effort with everyone at camp but even before camp began he was inviting Molly and me round for a barbeque and to swim in his pool! However, even when the camp had finished he would invite us to go kayaking and to the Olbrich Gardens etc. Ben played a big part in my experience in America and I canít thank him enough for all he did.

My time away was full of fun, laughter and memories Iíll never forget due to the amazing people I met from so many countries around the world.

Yet again I just want to thank the Lions organisations whether thatís in England or America for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the whole process making it such an amazing experience.


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Packers game