Joseph Roou

Firstly I would like to thank the Ringwood and Fordingbridge Lions Club and the Lions back in Italy for being able to give me such a fantastic experience. At first I had a slight bit of worry before heading off to Italy, was my first time ever doing something like this (also first time flying so that did not help) so there was nerves about it going wrong or the youth exchange being bad. That was my worry and I could not have been more wrong. The youth exchange was one of the best things I have done in my life time so far and turned this summer into one of my life time best so far. The trip took me to amazing areas and locations to experience and learn. I experienced a rich culture in Italy. One of the best memories I had during youth exchange out of many was running through the streets of Venice while it was pouring with rain singing queen. It was not just the location and the weather that made these memories it also was the people I met during it. I met an amazing host family who I adore and if I ever return to Tuscany I am defiantly going to meet again.  The leaders were great and kind and felt like they were apart of the group not like leaders. Finally the main group, I love them all as a family. We all bonded and they made the trip for me as well and who I will never forget and that I am thankful. I can go on for ages about this camp but I feel like that would be too far so I loved this camp and I would if I can do this again and I probably will help the lions out if I can as they gave me this opportunity. Thank you again for this amazing experience!