Angela Williamson

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"A huge thank you to everyone involved in this amazing adventure to Austria! From the dreamers to the planners to the groundsmen to the representatives, the Lions club has created a marvelous moment of magic for youths around the world. I was really nervous at first to be traveling into an unknown country to stay with scores of people I had ever met before and who perhaps would have entirely different ways of living and thinking. But I had no reason to be worried! The idyllic town of Wels where I stayed with my host family became the place of countless ice-creams, cycle rides among stunning old castles and gardens and dips in the pool. During my stay at camp, I met people from all over the world each sharing the same love of music that brought us to that camp. We found a way to communicate through music and of course loads of banter and laughs along the way! One hot day, we started swing dancing next to a rainbow fountain, another day, I started singing Queen's 'We will Rock You' in the town square resulting in a group of natives and tourists alike joining in with the clapping stomping and lyrics all in their own language- it was beautiful and left us all in stitches of laughter! Thank you Austria and my camp buddies for teaching me to grab life by the horns, let my hair down and just have fun; in this world, there is no time for cowardice... we have a difference to make!"

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