Forest Fayre with Steam 2013

A presentation by the Ringwood & Fordingbridge Lions Club took place at The Walhampton Arms in Lymington on Friday 18th October 2013. Presentation cheques for a total of 10,250 were handed over to representatives from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, Wessex Heartbeat, and Bashley Football Club.

The cheques presented on the evening were from funds raised at the Forest Fayre with Steam event held in August at Brockenhurst and the gathering was also an opportunity to celebrate the success of the event, the hard work and generosity of those involved behind the scenes, and the positive outcome of being able to donate so much to well deserving causes.

5,000 donated to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance

5,000 donated to Wessex Heartbeat

250 donated to Bashley Football Club

Here are some of the photos taken by Lion Martin Riseam at Forest Fayre with Steam August 2013


Steam Gallopers 2013 

 Mini Steam   Lions Bookstall






     IMGP5489Mini Steam Lorry 

IMGP5599      IMGP5497 

IMGP5610   IMGP5614 

IMGP5562   IMGP5600 

IMGP5593   IMGP5568 

IMGP5570 IMGP5607

IMGP5641   IMGP5662

IMGP5631   IMGP5643

IMGP5622   IMGP5620

IMGP5619   IMGP5624


A BIG THANK YOU to all concerned.